WorkingRite is a successful and sustainable solution to youth unemployment. It is borne from old-fashioned values, whereby young people experience a working rite of passage to help take them from adolescence to adulthood. We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to prove themselves in the workplace, regardless of their age, inexperience or qualifications.

We give young people that chance.

Across Scotland, our local Project Co-ordinators individually match a young person to a small business in their local community, where they learn valuable skills on-the-job, where it counts. Our ‘trainees’ work with their placement employer for up to six months during which they are guided by an older mentor in the workplace and supported by our Project Co-ordinator. They also earn a weekly training allowance and we cover their travel expenses.

Our programme bridges the gap between school and work. It gives young people essential work experience, provides good role models, builds their confidence and offers them a quality vocational alternative to academic learning.




In Scotland, our trainees work in placements with an older mentor for 8 to 26 weeks.

Whilst on placement, they have the opportunity to take part in additional training to boost their skills or qualifications further. For instance, our Project Co-ordinators can help young people to overcome emotional or motivational difficulties through GOALS training, or support them through the SQA Certificate of Work Readiness.

Paying our young people a weekly training allowance is important to WorkingRite. Many training providers do not do this, or do not pay as much. Thanks to the Scottish Government and our placement employers, WorkingRite trainees are given *£90 per week. This shows that their efforts are appreciated, and that everyone’s committed to helping them go forward in life. *The training allowance may not apply for all over 19 as it can affect other benefit payments.