WorkingRite is a great introduction for your child to the world of work. They are given support every step of the way, but they’re also encouraged to stand on their own two feet, manage their own money and find their own direction. By becoming a WorkingRite trainee, your son or daughter will be on placement for up to 35 hours with a local business that they’re interested in. They’ll be given one-to-one guidance by an older mentor in the workplace and be trained on-the-job to develop their skills and raise their confidence. Placements last 2-6 months, they’ll get continuous support from a WorkingRite Project Co-ordinator, and they’ll be paid a weekly training allowance.



WorkingRite is an approved SQA training centre (3017575) and the programme recognised by HMRC as an approved training scheme. As such, you can still claim Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit if eligible. For more information, please visit
Please contact your own housing association for guidance on this. A young person (aged 16-17) being on our programme shouldn’t affect Housing Benefit, but if they progress on to a job or apprenticeship at the end, it will do.
Your child’s training allowance will be paid directly into his or her bank account (this must be set up prior to starting placement). This will be £90 per week and will be paid each Friday. From time to time, a trainee’s payment may not go through. In this case, please contact your local Project Co-ordinator who will sort it out on the day.
Many of our youngsters are offered a full time job or Modern Apprenticeship at the end of their placement. However, we can make no guarantee that this will happen. It is entirely up to the trainee’s performance and the employer’s ability to take them on full time. No trainee leaves with nothing though. The experience and confidence they gain on a WorkingRite placement is extremely valued by businesses, and they get two references – from their placement employer and their Project Co-ordinator – making their chances of future job success that much greater.
Your son or daughter may be referred to WorkingRite through a school careers advisor. However, young people can also apply for one of our placements themselves.
If you’d like more information, give our head office a call or contact a Project Co-ordinator in your area.