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Please sign our petition.

The Scottish Government has decided to slash the work-based training budget for young people by 40% as of 1 April 2016.

20% of young people in Scotland choose to leave school at 16. These young people are now at risk of having no support available to them to get a job or apprenticeship – other than via a school or college environment.

Classroom teaching does not play to these young people’s strengths. They were bored, disengaged or felt like failures at school. They want to get out into the real world and start working.

Employers say loud and clear what they want from young people – attitude, attitude, attitude! That cannot simply be learnt at school surrounded by peers. Immersing a young person in the practical and adult setting of a real workplace has a far more profound effect. Not many people remember their first exam, but everyone remembers their first boss.

The Scottish Government should be proud of what it has achieved with the Employability Fund.

Please sign our petition to save work-based training for 16-18 year olds in Scotland.

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