Our Mission


WorkingRite is the practical pathway to a job or apprenticeship. Lasting an average of 16 weeks, our trainees learn primarily on the job. We recruit local businesses keen to take a young person under their wing to ‘earn while they learn’. Each trainee has their own mentor chosen from the workforce of that business to pass on what they know.

WorkingRite is a relationship-based model of learning. Quite simply designed to inspire young people to succeed: after all… everyone remembers their first boss!





What We Do


WorkingRite helps young people get their foot in the door, regardless of their academic background or previous experience. We believe not everything can be simulated in a classroom or rehearsed in tests. Many important skills can only be learnt working side-by-side with an experienced adult – on the job, where it counts.

We therefore individually match young people to local businesses for work placements lasting up to six months. Our trainees learn in a proper workplace, receive one-to-one mentoring, earn a weekly allowance and are given the chance to prove themselves in the real world of work.

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