This year it will cost us, on average, £3,799 for each of the 308 young people we plan to work with to complete our programme. We acknowledge that our tailored approach is more expensive than other programmes – for example: contracting large businesses to provide a ‘conveyor belt’ of training to large numbers of young people or only working with certain sectors of business – but because of the personalised approach we consistently outperform the Scottish national average of positive outcomes – with 80% of the young people who complete the programme, successfully moving into a job, apprenticeship or training.

Whilst we have secured significant funding for our work from local authorities and the Scottish Government – 26% of our costs will still need to be raised from voluntary contributions, grants, fundraising and gifts in wills. That’s £5,846 every week – or £34 an hour – being gifted by friends and supporters who believe in what we do.

Every penny counts. Your help will ensure that at least 308 young people can enrol on our programme this year – giving them the chance to really make something of themselves – when others may have given up on them.

There’s lots you can do to help. From individual donations to sponsored events; from taking a collection can for your shop or business to getting your company to take WorkingRite on as their charity of the year; from community events to grants from trust & foundations -– the list is endless.

We are a small fundraising team, but please email us if you have any ideas or questions.

Watch a short video, produced with support from I-DoProduction and fronted by Ailie, who completed our programme and successfully secured a job, and agreed to help with this application for funding to Comic Relief.