WorkingRite relies on voluntary donations to allow it to continue its work. It doesn’t matter how much you donate, with lots of people leaving gifts to charities in their Wills – together they soon add up and become a significant amount for charity.

We’d like to encourage you, if don’t already have a Will, to make one, or if you have one to review it. In doing so, you can plan for your and your family’s future and at the same time you can support the young people of the future.


Your solicitor can help with the following:


Making a Will is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your family is taken care of when you are no longer here. Making one also means that your estate will be administered more quickly and with less expense.

It is important to have your Will reviewed by a professional experienced in Will writing. How do you know whether your Will is of good quality or even if it is valid? It’s important to ensure it covers your whole estate and is up to date.

It is important that every adult should have a Power of Attorney, especially as more people need one these days. It simply lets someone you trust to look after you and your affairs if you are not able to do so. Without a Power of Attorney your family might need to go to Court which is expensive and takes a long time.

Some solicitors offer a free, or reduced, Will Writing and Power of Attorney service where a charity is given a donation instead.