What we do?

Across Scotland, our local Project Co-ordinators individually match a young person to a small business in their local community, where they learn valuable skills ‘on-the-job’, where it counts. Our ‘trainees’ are with their work placement provider for up to six months during which they are guided by an older mentor in the business and supported by our Project Co-ordinator. If they are eligible, they also receive a weekly training allowance and we cover their travel expenses.

Our programme bridges the gap between school and work. It gives young people essential work experience, provides good role models, builds their confidence and offers them a quality vocational alternative to academic learning.

Having identified that there is a gap for many once they have completed a work placement, our ‘On-Your-Side Mentoring’ programme will provide on-going support for our young people as they negotiate their route towards a thriving adulthood. This is in a pilot phase at the moment and will be rolled out across the project areas over the next three years.

Watch our videos and hear from young people and work placement providers about how the WorkingRite programme has worked for them:



UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
As an organisation, we promote the UNCRC to raise awareness of Children’s Rights.  All our staff are aware of the guidelines and these are available for you to download here