Our south Glasgow project is delivered by Anne Wright, Rachel Hall and Richard Lawton in partnership with three local Housing Associations – Glen Oaks Housing Association , New Gorbals Housing Association and Elderpark Housing Association. More Housing Associations are joining the project, supporting young people across south Glasgow.

“I do this job because I am fully committed to helping young people change their lives. No two are the same – some are confident, others shy, some know what their interests are, some don’t, some are placement ready, many need additional support. I take the time to get to know each young person, helping them realise their true capabilities and preparing them for the workplace. The icing on the cake is making a good match with a dedicated employer and seeing a young person flourish in the workplace.”

For more information about getting involved in the south Glasgow project contact one of the team:

Anne or call her on 07921 040611.
Rachel or call her on 07514 663152.
Mags or call her on 07868 459668.

The project is funded through the Glasgow Communities Fund, partner housing associations and the Charles Hayward Foundation.